Self-Watering Pot Systems

PLA, PETG, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, soil, water, plant

I’ve always wanted a self-watering pot system because I sometimes forget to, or overwater my plants. My self-watering pot system design consists of an outer water container, an inner carved soil container, and a water-absorbing cotton string for water distribution. I also like to use objects in our life, so I used a scanned object to construct the water container. With mesh editing tools, a pit is constructed on the scanned object. Rhino and grasshopper was used to construct the inner basket. The structure of the design system is able to generate scalable artifacts of the same basket with minimum effort. Holes on the bottom of the basket are designed for water-absorbing fabrics to go through. With this process, I am hoping to convert any daily objects to self-watering pot systems.