Artist’s Manifesto: I will write one poem every day for fourteen consecutive days, while sheltering in place at my apartment in Santa Barbara during the COVID-19 pandemic. I will read the poem and record myself every night in a different spot inside the landscape of my apartment. I will then release the video online at midnight. Fourteen days allude to the incubation period of this disease, as well as the mandatory quarantine time if exposed to the virus. I will not step out of my apartment in the 14 days duration of the performance. In Persian culture and poetry, the full moon is also referred to as “the Moon of the Fourteenth Night.” I will begin my durational performance on the night of the new moon, reaching with every poem towards the fourteen-night-moon. #BecomingThe14thMoon

This durational artwork was originally created as a part of 19 Acts of COVID-19 Bravery, a collection of digital performance works curated by Brendan Drake and Kate Ladenheim. These works, created in isolation, have been our responses to the coronavirus pandemic and our contributions to our community, as artists and creators. You can see the videos of all 14 poetry performances in "BECOMING THE FOURTEENTH MOON," as well as the works of the other 18 performance artists on the online exhibition's website: