Timothy Wood

Timothy Wood is a media artist and movement artist committed to creating practices of balance -- in relationship to our own bodies, our environments, our communities, and the creative technologies we harness to extend our expressive potentials. His work in creating immersive and dynamic spaces for improvisational performance and playful interaction explore new ways of learning from the rich stories of living natural systems to empower our own embodied storytelling practices. As a Phd candidate in the Media Arts and Technology program at UCSB, Timothy’s research specializes in creating interactive biomimetic audiovisual worlds as instruments for somatic performance. His work merges many practices including immersive audiovisual systems design, software systems design, live-coding, interaction design, visual design, sound design, music composition, improvisational movement, somatic movement facilitation, ecotherapy, and poetry.


Candle Masks

Twisting pillars of stackable candle masks