Stejara Dinulescu

My art practice seeks to investigate the direct relation between perception and behavior, primarily through questions about agency, free will, consciousness, and computational intelligence. More specifically, I am interested in the different ways to computationally model patterns of behavior that are reminiscent of living organisms, investigating what it is about computational patterns of movement that leads to the perception of agency and free will. I am also interested in investigating the sensory modalities, primarily that of the sense of touch, and how they affect perception, affect, and subsequently, behavior, not only within an invidivual but in their interactions with other beings and their environment. Of particular interest is in how this relationship changes when pairing living agents with computational or mechanized agents. Through my work, I seek to ask questions and investigate the complex nature of these relationships, illustrating organic patterns of behavior as well as what drives it.



Sculpture illustrating the relationship between computational agents in a simulated environment